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Extend the Battery Life Of Your Wheelchair or Scooter

By | source:wrsolutions Dec 17th, 2015

here’s an infographic on how to extend the life of your wheelchair or scooter. Batteries are the single biggest service issue with any scooter or power chair. Of course they are eventually going to need to be replaced, but there is a lot that a customer can do to extend the life of a set of batteries. Just like any battery, over charging and mis-handling can cause problems. Keeping your battery topped off and clean is a must.

Try to store your batteries in a a place with controlled temperature. You don’t want them to get too cold or hot. It’s also good to charge your battery with the charger it came with. Batteries differ and it’s a better idea to charge it with standard equipment.

View the infographic to the right to learn what you can do to increase the battery life of your wheelchair or scooter.