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Learn How To Increase Productivity

By | source:Here Sep 28th, 2021

If you find yourself getting distracted or struggling to accomplish your daily goals, then these techniques to increase productivity could really help you out. This list breaks down improving productivity into 7 different sections: Mind, Food, Schedule, Body, Hacks, Clothes, and Tech. There are some really useful life hacks and good habits to get into like having a daily routine and getting enough sleep every night. Here are some of the main takeaways for each section.

Mind: It is really important to focus on the bigger picture. Focus on the 80/20 rule that 20% of work creates 80% of results and try to maximize efficiency.

Food: Get in a healthy routine where you try to eat at the same time every day and eliminate junk food.
Schedule: Set daily objectives and make sure you prioritize what you need to do every day. Try to start off by doing easier tasks.

Body: It is very important to get enough sleep each night. If you are tired during the day, you should take a nap. But don’t forget to be active, it is good for reducing stress and anxiety.

Hacks: If you cannot write something down, then try to record it instead. Always keep your end product in mind.
Clothes: Try to keep an ‘all-occasion’ outfit with you in your car. I always keep a rain jacket in my car as well as a spare pair of athletic shoes.

Tech: Keep your phone on do not disturb and don’t answer unless it is an emergency. The news and social media are also major distractions so try to stay away from those while working.

The technology section was very helpful to me because I feel like I always get distracted by my phone or computer when I am trying to do work. I also never realized that the food you eat can have such an impact on your productivity.