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Extremely Detailed History of the Universe

By | source:outerplaces Dec 8th, 2015

After studying today’s graphic you’ll be reminded that your existence is such a small blip on time’s radar that you might feel a little blue. Humbled is more like it. Our universe has had billions of years to shape its beautiful stars, vast emptiness and a variety of planets. We only get about a century if we’re lucky.

This graphic is interesting as it goes into the foreseeable future of our universe as well. In relative terms for the universe, the earth will soon have its axial tilt reverse, switching our poles. Later, our c02 levels will balance out, but it could be too late. Earth could very well be uninhabitable by then.

Although, as our universe evolves, so will we. If the will to live isn’t apparent enough in our past evolution, just wait until we need to continue life off-planet. The responsibility for continuing the human race is a huge one, one we need to start thinking about today.