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The What And How Of Cyber Threats

By | source:Here Sep 20th, 2020

Computing technology is all around us. We spend hours each day on the Internet whether through our smartphones, laptops, or tablets. We pay using electronic funds transfers, we buy online, and we download our favorite photos, movies, and songs onto our hard drives. Most of the time we remain blissfully unaware of the cyber threats out there.

This infographic explains each of the threats that we face and explains in layman’s English exactly what they are and how they work. Almost everyone has faced a dubious email or adverts that offer enticing prizes for clicking on the call to action. Most users are aware of scamsters and avoid the most obvious threats.

According to reports from the FBI, there has been a rush of Phishing and cybercriminal activity since the lockdowns caused by Covid-19, probably since so many people are spending increased time online. No better time than now to remind ourselves of the various methods cybercriminals use to get their hands on our money or create havoc with our software.

Fortunately, most of the cyber threats depend on user action to invite them in. They may come via an email, an executable file, or a link. Time to back up your files and update your virus check.