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Find a Job with No Experience: Tips for Students on How to Get Hired

By | source: Jun 5th, 2022

Unfortunately, college instructors are not going to teach you how to land your first job. And this may be very frustrating! But the good news is that we have all been there and we handled it! That means you can enter the job market successfully even without any job experience. But you need to follow some recommendations to do that. Read them below!

Make personal connections

In today’s era of high technology, most jobs are filled through online postings. But remember that it never hurts to make a personal connection. It’s a well-known fact that HR managers check references before making an offer. That’s why knowing someone at the company you want to work at may benefit you. If another employer can put in a good word for you, you have better chances to obtain a position even without extensive experience in a field.

So how to connect with the right people? The most obvious way is through LinkedIn. With this social network for professionals, you can keep track of people who might open new doors for you or at least promote your application.

Craft a strong cover letter

Many students don’t pay enough attention to developing their writing skills. But you shouldn’t neglect this aspect of your studies because it may come in handy when applying for a job. As you might know, cover letters are extremely important for candidates looking for entry-level jobs. That’s why you should practice writing them while you are still in college. For this purpose, you might need an essay helper who can create an excellent cover letter sample for you. By using writing help and following a good example, you can learn how to craft a nice cover letter that will earn you your first job.

In your cover letter, you should show how motivated you are to work. By writing a compelling paper, you prove that you are willing to make the extra effort. The main thing at this stage is to be proactive.

Tailor your resume

Some people send the same resume to multiple positions, which is not really the best thing to do. Why? Because it makes a recruiter connect the dots on your CV to the job description. Just imagine how it feels when reviewing hundreds of resumes. So if you want hiring managers to like you, you should customize your resume for each position. Of course, it may sound tough to you. This task really consumes a lot of time and energy. But it’s better to invest in this activity because it will help you to build a positive image of yourself. Remember that a typical basic resume will not show you in a good light.

Do thorough research

The very first question typically asked by potential employers sounds like “What do you know about our company?” And obviously, you should give a good detailed answer since we all know the power of the first impression. If you are not able to answer this question properly, you may hear “No” from the HR manager. Note that you are competing with dozens or even hundreds of other applicants, so you must be prepared better than them. Once you know who is gonna be present at your job interview, make sure to memorise their names and titles. This is a bare minimum you should meet.

Focus on your soft skills

Naturally, just after graduation you may not have appropriate hard skills for the job you want. And it’s absolutely okay. Recruiters don’t expect that from people applying for entry-level positions. What they want to see though is your developed soft skills as they are essential for doing any kind of job well. When applying for a job, mention some of your strong points, such as flexibility, attention to detail, creativity, time management, teamwork or leadership. Also, don’t forget about interpersonal, organisational and problem-solving skills.

Final thoughts on how to get a job with no experience

If you are still a student or already a university graduate, you might be wondering how to find a job with no experience. Of course, it’s a challenging task but it doesn’t mean that it’s something impossible. With the tips given above, you have all chances to start a career in a chosen field. Good luck with that!