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From Cocktail to White Tie: Complicated Dress Codes Explained

By | source:Here Feb 11th, 2017

“What’s the dress code?” is the first thing I ask when I get invited to a wedding or party:

Sometimes, the host makes it easy for me. Dress casually! Wear whatever you please. Unfortunately, not every dress code is so easy to decode.

I’ve never been invited to a white tie event, so I had no idea things could get this fancy. At white tie parties, women wear long gloves and elegant evening gowns.

Black tie events call for long evening gowns in conservative colors. It doesn’t end there, though. Creative black tie and black tie optional are also two popular event dress codes. The former is less strict than black tie and allows for bright colors and more revealing cuts.

Black tie optional is less formal than black tie but still pretty fancy. A pantsuit or cocktail dress are good go-tos.

As you prepare for your next gala or celebration of nuptials, we hope this infographic helps you figure out what works best. While you’re at it, don’t miss our advice on which bra to wear for each dress type.