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Immunotherapy: The Next Frontier for Treating Disease

By | source:Here Feb 10th, 2017

What is Immunotherapy? It is an approach which uses a person’s own immune system to fight or prevent disease. This includes giving immune cells reinforcements to do their job, but how does that work?

Immunotherapy relies on the ability to find a unique weakness in the disease. Once found, immunotherapy can find immune-boosting systems to combat the disease. Immune cell stimulation, vaccines, adoptive T-cell Therapy and Checkpoint Inhibitors are just a few scenarios where immunotherapy is being tested. What do these therapies treat?

Allergies, autoimmune disease, transplant complications, infectious disease and cancer are just some of the possible approaches immunotherapy can take. Sometimes suppressing the immune system for benefit, and sometimes boosting the immune system for benefit.

Take a look at the infographic to your left to go in depth into what immunotherapy can do on the cutting edge of medical treatments.