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Gamers: Who are they?

By | source: May 31st, 2011

One of the most popular, if not the most publicized infographic ever is going to be retired soon: The Food Pyramid. It is being exchanged with a new “Food Plate” that consists of grain, protein, fruits, vegetables and dairy. Watch out Halloween, there’s no more room for sugar and fat. The Food Pyramid never seemed to help that much, we have a huge obesity problem in the states, even-though if one did follow the pyramid rigorously they would be a pretty healthy person. This new Food Plate won’t change a thing. All it is saying is that people shouldn’t eat sugar… surprise, surprise!

A stereotypical outlook on gamers is that they follow The Dorito and Red Bull food pyramid, but did you know 70% of America’s households play video game, with the average age of a gamer at 34? I have always thought of my generation being the mass majority of gamers, and I have always been right – I just didn’t notice that we’ve grown up. Half of parents say they play a video game with their child at least once a week. That is astounding. When my dad used to play Road Blasters with me it was only ever once or twice a month. I supposed instead of going out fishing, parents are finding more modern ways to spend time with their kids. [Via]