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Gift Wrap Unwrapped

By | source: Dec 24th, 2013

My little sister just came down the stairs to find my father at the dining room table wrapping the same gift he had been trying to wrap all morning.

“You doin’ okay there, dad?”
“Yeah, why do you ask?”
“Because you’ve been wrapping the same present for over 30 minutes now.”

I had offered my wrapping services earlier this morning, but he said it was important that he wrapped mom’s gift because she doesn’t believe that he is capable of wrapping a single present (some built up resentment for the lack of presents he has wrapped over the last 30 years I suppose). At this point, he has wasted an entire roll of wrapping paper, and he’s still in there; I do not believe that he actually is capable of wrapping a gift.

With my father in mind, I chose an infographic that not only walks you through the steps of wrapping a gift, but also tells you how to wrap it with as little excess paper as possible. By using recycled wrapping paper, previously used boxes, and by keeping your measurements as precise as possible, you can make a difference in the number of trees Americans chop down a year to make the bottom of their Christmas trees look pretty. I am going to do my part, but I can not promise that my family will do the same.

Final father quote of the day: “Do you know how to tie big ribbons out of ribbon, honey?” [via]