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Global Impact of STDs

By | source: Jun 3rd, 2011

Fifty percent of Americans annually infected by a sexually transmitted disease are not aware they had been infected. With millions of Americans going untreated it is no wonder why STDs continue to spread and grow within our country, but some foreign nations suffer much worse. South Africa has over 5 million people infected with HIV, also known as the largest epidemic in the world. Also, almost half of new male HIV cases in Puerto Rico are the result of unclean needles by drug users.

These diseases travel so quickly and adapt so well that they are becoming immune to some conventional medical treatments. This is an obvious indicator that our society needs to focus more on new medication and solutions to these illnesses. A stride toward that is showcased recently where a possible cure for HIV has been found giving hope to millions of HIV victims around the world.

As long as doctors and researches never believe these diseases are incurable, anything can happen. Visit for more stats & info about STDs and STD Testing.