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Guide: How to Relieve Back Pain

By | source:peekandco Dec 3rd, 2015

Back pain is something I’m not new with. I’m more than lucky that I haven’t had any in my life, although I know it is coming. My mother, father and brother all suffer from extreme chronic back pain and I am trying to do everything in my power to put off my suffering.

My mother threw out her back in her early twenties, that was just the beginning and has been suffering from it since then. My dad was maybe in his early 40’s, but my brother not so lucky – mid 20’s. At 24 I am waiting for that day I wake up with the feeling of a knife in my back. Debilitating pain only cortisone shots can help relieve.

I have bad posture, and I know I need to improve, but mostly I need to start doing exercises like the one’s in today’s graphic. After watching all of my family members day in and day out perform these stretches, I know they work.

Like all physical therapy it is an uphill climb that can take years. If I can get into the habit now, maybe I’ll be able to fight off my genetic back pain for years to come.