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Mastering The Art Of Sushi

By | source:swissotel Dec 4th, 2015

Ever seen Jiro dreams of sushi? Today’s infographic is kind of a refresher on the amount of training needed to become a real sushi chef, or Itamae-San. It’ll also cover sushi etiquette and traditional aspects of the sushi culture.

The Japanese have their occupations in high regard. The government has had to make laws which limits people on how much time they can spend working because of workplace stress. Although, the underlying principles of a proud worker still stands very true in Japan. Becoming a sushi master is no exception.

There is about a 10 year apprenticeship to become an Itamae-san. It starts with a few years of gutting and cleaning fish. Not the prettiest job, but it can help weed out those who aren’t committed. Next comes the fundamentals of cooking and shaping rice. This too is very meticulous and causes many to drop out. Next, after five to seven years the apprentice gets to start making sushi. Different sushi has different difficulty and can take years to master, but once the student becomes a real Itamae, their opportunity opens up.