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A Guide To Dog Language

By | source:Here Oct 14th, 2017

I have always wondered what my dog wants to say, but trying to figure it out sometimes feels like attempting to read hieroglyphics. Today’s infographic helps to decipher what my best friend is trying to tell me. Sorry about the mixed signals before my boy. When all else fails I go with treats.

Some of the body language that your dog displays is just as straight-forward as it appears. For example, if your doggie lies on his back he’s simply telling you he wants a belly rub. This was the easiest to understand because my dog wants this all the time.

One sign that really made an impression on me was the fact that dogs have a signal for needing space too. I had no idea my dog needed his alone time too.

I will say that learning, and now being able to recognize these certain behavioral communication signs has certainly increased the bond that we have.

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