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Meet The “Little Ships” of Dunkirk

By | source:Here Oct 15th, 2017

You folks know that feeling when you watch a great movie or a TV show and it just captures you. After it, you just want to read everything that is even loosely linked to it. Well, that happened to me after I saw Christopher Nolan’s Dunkirk.

In the middle of what was to be a lukewarm summer for movies came a masterpiece named Dunkirk; a true movie experience, if you ask me. I am not a difficult person to please when it comes to movies, but this summer was unimpressive, to say the least. Well, unimpressive until Dunkirk came out.

It is a movie based on real life events that transpired during the World War 2.  About 850 civilian boats sailed from England to France to save 338,000 trapped soldiers.   It was a stirring story about the evacuation of soldiers whom General Alan Brooke claimed nothing but a miracle could save.  There were private yachts, lifeboats, paddle steamers, and even barges joined in the effort.  Meet some of these ships in today’s infographic.