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Guide to Electric Car Etiquette

By | source:uAutoInsurance May 27th, 2016

Here’s a guide to not being a jerk while driving that speedy, spiffy Tesla you just bought. 

So you’ve finally joined the EV community. Congratulations! Now pay attention for a second. There are a lot of good tips here that will keep your reputation, and your driving experience, good. I bet that as the number of cars at the charging stations rises, you’ll be wishing more drivers had read this infographic. I certainly hope that Tesla and the others take this sort of etiquette into account as they program self-driving behaviors for their fleets.

There’s also a tip ( I would say “tips” but one of them is really just an invitation to switch to electric) for drivers of regular ol’ gasoline or diesel vehicles. Don’t park in EV charging spots! Why would you do that? C’mon. Be nice.

For myself, I am done with owning a vehicle. I’ll enjoy living in a city with fabulous public transit until self-driving cars/trucks/houses have revolutionized transportation and I never have to watch someone change lanes in front of me without putting on their turn signal ever, ever again.

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