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Here’s The Dirt On Proper Hand-Washing

By | source:Here Jan 20th, 2017

Hand sanitizer is my best friend. I have a keychain with a mini-container, and I’m not ashamed to pull it out and ask the people I’m with to use some. Proper hygiene is a big deal in my book.

For clean freaks like myself, this infographic is a little upsetting. Only five percent of people wash their hands correctly, and proper-handwashing could prevent a million deaths a year if everyone in the world committed to it. We could also reduce foodborne illness by 50 percent if we washed our hands regularly.

Sanitizers are less effective than soap and water, and water alone isn’t enough to get rid of germs. This chart also provides some information about triclosan, which was recently banned by the FDA.

The next time you reach for a handshake with a stranger, consider this: 7 percent of women and 15 percent of men don’t wash their hands at all after using the bathroom. Granted, most people are staying clean, but the risk is still out there.

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