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A Painful Look At School Sport Injuries

By | source:Here Mar 14th, 2020

A large part of many high schoolers’ experience is participating in a sport. Playing a sport in high school can help keep you in shape and teach you other valuable traits, such as sportsmanship and work ethic. As with anything else though, you must be willing to deal with the potential consequence of playing a high school sport.

And there is perhaps a no worse consequence of playing a high school sport than to be injured doing what you do best. As we see in today’s infographic, injuries are just part of the high school sports culture.

As is expected, the sports that involve more contact (football, hockey, wrestling), typically result in more injuries. Leading the contact sports as the sport with the most frequent injuries is high school football. As we’ve seen with the NFL, football on any competitive level can result in a variety of injuries. No injury seems more prevalent in football, however, than a head injury, as the infographic shows. Per 10,000 competition plays, there are 34 head injuries. Anyone who has watched football can see why this is the case. The 34 head injuries per 10,000 football competition plays is the largest number of any injury depicted in this infographic.

Playing a high school sport can be very rewarding, but it is important to know the risks as well, and these numbers give a little more insight into the subject matter.