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History of Point of Sales Systems

By | May 31st, 2016

Starting my career in not the prettiest ice cream shop as a 15-year-old my first experience with a point of sale system wasn’t luxurious. Luckily our cash registers were electric, and help with some of the math, although I quickly learned the art of counting out change.

In recent years Point of Sale Systems have gotten very high-tech, with credit cards becoming king and digital transfer of funds sans card, or check are happening daily. Applications and subscription type of services are becoming more popular – storing your payment info to ensure instant gratification. If someone from the past were to experience how we pay for things now, I’m sure they would not be able to trust their money in our technology.

In just a few decades we’ll be trusting our families’ lives in automated automobiles. My stockbroker is already just an app. I clock in at work through my phone. I’m a walking encyclopedia (thanks google).

I’ve already committed to our dependence on technology and the future of POS Systems helped to convince me.