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Holiday Hiring 101: The Ultimate Breakdown of Seasonal Jobs

By | source: Dec 2nd, 2014

Now that it’s past Thanksgiving, we have the right to blast you with an extremely high volume of holiday themed infographics – this one may actually be worth your time. The holiday season creates millions of temporary jobs, mostly in retail, but transportation and logistics hire tens of thousands of extra help as well.

A ton of these seasonal jobs are filled by the young adult. My cousin is working back home just for the month of December before she heads back to her college town to finish up school. A lot of times these seasonal jobs will pay a little better than the normal retail floor gig. This is due to the competition retailers face when they all need more help at once.

The extra hands are justified when the holiday season makes up about 20 percent of annual retail sales in America. Malls are packed; parcel delivery services are swamped. My Amazon Prime took FOUR DAYS to reach my house instead of two. What a hard life. Black Friday contributes a ton to the holiday spending frenzy, but the online realm is taking it to the next level. Sales aren’t just on ‘Black Friday’ and ‘Cyber Monday’ anymore. Some stretch the entire weekend; other retailers are having huge sales run for weeks, with different discounts depending on the day. With all this money out there, there’s no reason not to catch a little bit of it yourself. Go see what seasonal jobs are available in your area. [Via]