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Holiday Shipping and Packing Tips

By | source: Nov 17th, 2014

Besides the wild goose chase of gift giving, spending time with the family is always the greatest gift of all during the holidays. Cheesy, yes, but going back home, and waking up early in the morning to grab the stocking off the fireplace is so nostalgic. The taste of sweet eggnog (with a nutmeg topper), a roaring fire and the Christmas lights shining through the window brings back those childhood memories like no other.

But, let’s flash back to the stressful parts of the holiday. Oh, you know what I’m talking about – the dreaded, or beloved, time of year where I set out on a quest to see every member of the extended family (whether I like them or not). This chilly month or so between Thanksgiving and Christmas where I frantically search Etsy for a cheap, but original gift for my mom. I browse endless tech sites trying to find a gadget for the brother, and rack my brain for some hint of whatever my father could possibly want.

If one thing has changed my life when it comes to shopping hang-ups, it’s been eCommerce. Having to trudge through the cold to some outlet mall, only to find what you want is out of stock, just doesn’t happen anymore. It comes straight to my front door now. Gift wrapping option? Yes, please. Take heed of these packaging tips below – no one cries over spilt eggnog, but a broken present is a whole different story. [The UPS Store]