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Homeschooling By the Numbers

By | source: Dec 21st, 2010

I remember when I first met my home-schooled neighbors. I was in about 3rd grade and my neighbors were twins. I would get to hang out with them after school and I could never grasp what it would be like to be home-schooled. They’d talk about how they got 2 and 1/2 hours for lunch where they could go on the computer, watch tv or go outside. They could eat whatever was in the fridge and didn’t have to wait in long lunch lines for bad food. I couldn’t understand why I wasn’t being home-schooled.

Now I noticed that homeschoolers must really enjoy their parents’ company, but it can’t be as good as all of the friends I made at public school. Sitting next to someone all year is an easy way to get to know them. I guess that there must be some homeschool meet-ups around town where home-schooled kids can find other homeschoolers to hang out with. I’m sure they aren’t awkward…

Another bonus for homeschoolers is having parents who can help with your school work, which would be pretty awesome. I mean if my parent was my teacher, I would’ve made straight A’s. Instead my parents tried to help me with my 6th grade algebra, but that’s okay. I just got done with the last math class of my life last semester, so my parentals don’t have to worry anymore.

I know a lot of parents want to homeschool their kid to get them ready for college. I feel my public school career prepared me more than enough for my time at University. It wasn’t anything the school district did to prepare me either, solely the quality of the teachers I’ve had. [Via]

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