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TSA Gone Wild

By | source: Dec 20th, 2010

With several people traveling in the coming days to visit family over the holidays, I thought this infographic would be appropriate. Never having been on a plane, shocking I know, I have never known the troubles of airport security. However, I have been the chauffeur of several pick ups and drop offs and know that security has made it to where you, the passenger, have to arrive anywhere from two to three hours ahead of take off.

Airport security has changed so much, that even I, someone never having been on a plane, can notice the changes. For example, when I was young I remember walking my aunt all the way to the gate. In the post 9/11 world, family good byes must end within what seems like the 30 feet behind the entrance. While from the outside there seems to be only a few changes to airport security, the passenger is the one who appears to be suffering the most.

Not only have prices to fly gone up in the recent years, airport security has made being a passenger a burden. Many argue the ethics of the new airport methods of security, but their intent is to keep us safe. The evolution of airport security has been an interesting one, beginning with drug dogs and resulting in full body scans. Thanks to Gizmodo, many of these images were released on the internet, raising questions as to how much we can really trust those trying to protect us. If those trying to protect us can’t protect their files, why should we allow them to treat us the way they do? [via]

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