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How Cookies Work on the Web

By | source: Feb 27th, 2014

Yesterday was my 23rd birthday! My boss was so sweet and brought Tiff’s Treats cookies (an Austin staple) to the office for me. Normally I’m not a cookie person, but I always make an exception for these babies. These tasty treats are so soft and almost melt in your mouth; its impossible to have just one. In an attempt to find an online recipe to re-create my own version, I stumbled upon this interesting infographic about internet cookies!

I never quite understood internet cookies, except that I should erase my “cookie history” every few weeks. Turns out internet cookies are just plain text stored in your computer’s browser. However, these little cookies pack a huge punch by leaving an easily trackable internet trail.

Check out today’s infographic about internet cookies and how they affect your computer! [via]