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How Covid-19 Behaves In The Human Host

By | source:Here May 4th, 2021

As the world celebrated the dawning of 2020, an unseen virus crept upon us. It would change life as we knew it, close down entire industries, and destroy economies. The travel industry would be all but destroyed during 2020. Even as the vaccine rollout starts to power through some countries, the toll of this virus continues into 2021.

So how has this minuscule virus spread so efficiently? This infographic gives a clear view of the symptoms and their journey through the human body. Eighty percent of infected people will have mild symptoms but for others, infection is a death sentence.

Because some people show no symptoms it is possible to catch the virus from an apparently healthy host. Covid-19 is almost twice as contagious as the flu, so countries across the globe have closed down businesses, limited gatherings, and mandated the wearing of masks.

This virus has changed our lives forever. As people avoid public transport, many have started working from home, and some have even started walking and cycling to their destinations. While learning, meeting, and shopping were growing online phenomena before the lockdown, Covid has propelled the use of technology and online transactions way into the future.

During the pandemic, churches went online and drive-in theatres reemerged from the past. Office space became redundant, theatres closed, and shops stood empty. As more people are vaccinated and community immunity becomes a reality how long, if ever before life returns to the pre-Covid-19 reality? One thing the virus has taught us is how connected we all are on our small blue planet.