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How Long Does Your Frozen Food Stay Fresh?

By | source:LifeHacker May 9th, 2015

We all know that freezing food will keep it edible indefinitely, but the quality of the taste will start to decline depending on what type of food you’re freezing. Today’s infographic supplies us with the right tool to solve your frozen woes.

Surprisingly no food item on this list is recommend to free for over one year. Some items, like eggs, can be only frozen for a month, where as margarine can freeze up for an entire year. Right now I have one fillet of sea trout I caught back in november left in my freezer. It seems to be on its last leg as fish is only good for about six months in the freezer. Unlike my sea trout, I have three rainbow trout in there as well, they’re only a month or two old. I really need to get my fish together.

I do have one question for this graphic: why do baked muffins last so much longer than bread? They’re both just bread aren’t they?