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How Military Experience Prepares Veterans for an Entrepreneurial Career

By | source:The UPS Store Nov 11th, 2015

Thousands of veterans have been entering the workforce in the last few years and plenty of them are looking into running their own business. The benefits of running a business goes well with a veteran’s work ethic and leadership qualities they acquired while they were in the service. These recent vets are different than the veterans of the 20th century when it comes to post-service employment.

Although many vets still work in the public sector, gulf-war era I vets we’re more likely to work with the government than gulf-war era II vets. There are many contributing factors to this statistic, the most important would be the recession. Unemployment for era I vets was around five percent, whereas era II hovers around eight.

Our veterans know that in a tough economy sometimes the best job is one you create for yourself. Being your own boss is liberating and improves confidence. Our vets are taking their futures into their own hands and it’s paying off.