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How The World Uses Twitter

By | source:MarketingProfs Sep 7th, 2015

Twitter has been in the headlines recently for not reaching growth benchmarks and failing to innovate vs some of their competitors like Facebook and Pinterest. Let’s take a step back from the negative aspects and look at what Twitter is today.

Twitter has dominated the mobile user compared to competitors. 80% of the 302 million active Twitter users are on mobile. The fact that users are spending an average of 170 minutes per month on twitter is a large accomplishment, but did you know 77% of Twitter accounts are outside America?

Asia has the largest amount of active users, whereas Latin America is the fastest growing region with 23% of internet users participating on Twitter.

Twitter seemed a little late to the photo-centric world social media is surrounded by now. I think that’s a major contributor to Twitter’s slower growth. Twitter shouldn’t be counted out though, it is still one of the major players in the tech industry with innovations to come.