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How To Fly Like A Pro

By | source:Here Mar 2nd, 2017

I’m pretty much a nightmare travel partner. My husband found this out on our honeymoon –– I overpacked, had to pay extra for my ultra-heavy bag, and almost overslept before our departing flight. So romantic.

If you’re anything like me and want to improve before your next trip, Business Insider has some helpful tips for how to fly like a pro.

First things first: Checked bags are a bad idea. If you can get away with only using a carry-on, you’ll save a ton of time and be a lot less stressed at the airport. If you end up checking a bag, opt for a backpack with a hip belt or a rollaway bag.

Also, arrive early. As a chronically late person, this is much easier said than done, but if you prepare for possible delays, you’ll be a lot less stressed when they happen.

Lastly, try to sit near the wings. You’ll fear turbulence least if you’re in the middle of the plane. This infographic also suggests wearing a face mask, but I’d only recommend that if you don’t mind getting strange looks from your fellow passengers.

Bon voyage! Now that you know how to fly like a pro, check out our post on ways that travel can improve your business skills.