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How to Negotiate a Salary Raise with your Promotion

By | Sep 15th, 2016

Often a promotion automatically comes with a pay raise, but sometimes life’s not that easy. 

If you’re being given more responsibilities, it’s reasonable that you should get paid more. If for some reason you’re not being offered a higher salary or wage along with a promotion, this infographic has tips to help you request a raise.

Knowing how much to ask for is crucial, so do a little research to come up with a figure around what other people get paid for your new responsibilities.

When you choose to talk to your boss is important, too. If you pull them aside on their way past the water cooler and say “By the way, can I have a raise with this promotion?” it probably won’t go down well. Schedule a decent length one-on-one with them, and if you need a little pep talk before the meeting Missy Elliot and Fifth Harmony have got you covered.

If you don’t get the raise and decide you’re tired of your job, check out this infographic of wacky odd jobs that can net you a decent profit. I’ll bet waterslide tester is a far cry from your current gig. Just the change you need.