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How To Never Miss A Deadline Again

By | source:Here Sep 22nd, 2018

Too much to do, too little time. If that sounds like you, then here are some tricks nailing your deadlines every time.

For starters, know thyself. If you’re terrific at design, then you’ll finish a new logo in a couple of hours. On the other hand, if you’re barely starting to understand how Photoshop works, then don’t assume you’ll be finishing it in a pinch. Plan according to your abilities.

Another thing to remember: stay on top of your deadlines. That means knowing exactly how many days or hours you have until you need to deliver.

Mark the days on a calendar, put reminders on your phone or add sticky notes to the sides of your laptop. Use whatever process alerts you to deadlines.

Finally, understand what is needed of you. If it’s an essay, how many pages do you need? How many sources? What questions does it need to answer? If it’s a project or a campaign: how will success be measured? Be sure everyone is on the same page about the goals and steps to get there. This will make it easier to meet your deadline without stressing about it.