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How To Survive A Deadly Snake Bite

By | source:Here Feb 22nd, 2017

Not everyone can be outdoorsy. Girl Scouts and Boy Scouts are admirable, but I much prefer to stay inside. Looking at this infographic isn’t convincing me to get outside and get some sun.

Many snakes are harmless, but the poisonous ones can be deadly. If you do happen to run into a slithering foe while out on an adventure, it’s important to know whether it’s poisonous. Coral snakes, rattlesnakes, cottonmouths and copperheads are four types of poisonous snakes common in North America. This chart provides some helpful tips for how to identify them.

If you see a snake, keep away and don’t disturb it. Using a stick or another object is a bad idea, as snakes can strike from a difference.

If you’re bitten, call 911 instantly. Try to get a picture of the snake or commit its description to heart so medical staff have an idea of how to treat it. Also, don’t raise the wound or take painkillers.

Hopefully, you never need these tips, but if you do get unlucky, this is helpful stuff to have in mind. If we haven’t scared you off yet, check out our post on U.S. national parks and the best way to camp.