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How to Survive Black Friday

By | source: Nov 23rd, 2010

You are going to be filled with turkey, then you will empty your pockets the next day. Let’s go through some tips so you don’t end up screwed at the checkout or dead from a trampling.

They say on this infographic to disable your twitter, don’t. Follow some of your favorite local stores on twitter, see what deals they tweet this Friday. Also make sure to pay attention to deals your friends will tweet out.

As for snagging some limited deals, say you find an advertisement with a detailed description of what is for sale, and it has “First come, first served” on it. Say it’s offering the new Xbox Kinect, and you don’t think that you’ll be able to go in and grab one before everyone else in line does. When the doors open, just go straight to the counter and tell the employee that you except the offer for the Xbox Kinect, then it is legally yours! (As long as you pay) Yay for cutting everyone who waited in line outside!

Shopping online during Black Friday is probably the smartest thing to do. I know has some of the greatest deals on electronics and televisions this weekend. I got my TV at a pawn shop though, it works perfectly and I talked the guy down 100 bucks! This is another good point of shopping: Haggling. Every store has the ability to drop a price, it may be against their policy, but almost all managers can lower the price. It will never hurt to ask if you can get it for 20 bucks less. [Via]

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