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The Size of the Mobile Market

By | source: Nov 22nd, 2010

Happy Monday everyone! Anybody know what holiday we have coming up? That is right, Thanksgiving, a holiday full of eating, family, and friends, and also a long needed break from school or work. With that said, you should all check out our about page and look at the new edition. Alright, now that we have all that out of the way let’s take a look at today’s infographic.

As time has progressed, so has technology. No longer must we wait for months or even years to hear news from people in other tribes. Now we can instantly get any sort of update via our mobile devices, whether it be something important like a family emergency or something very important like knowing your friend is hungover from the night before. Whatever the case, mobile devices allow for almost anything to be instantly available in the palm of your hand.

Before someone had to lug around an enormous camera and then wait to get home to put up a humiliating picture they took of you, but now we can instantly do that with devices like the iPhone 4 or the up-and-coming Android phones. However, mobile devices are not limited to that; the new generation of mobile computer is making its way into the market. These tablets are quickly becoming a norm, and of course Apple has the iPad which has raised the bar in the tablet industry. But this time the expectations Apple has standardized are quickly being met by competitors. With all these devices, their ease of use, and affordability, the mobile market is casting huge shadows on others, such as PCs. [via]