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How-To Troubleshoot DNS Errors

By | source: Mar 19th, 2013

The IT department is the backbone of many companies. It isn’t always my favorite thing to do, but if the Internet goes down or a shared folder is inaccessible, off I go to call IT. I depend on them for any computer malfunction, mostly because I am completely incapable of any technical support of my own!

At home, my brother is our IT department. I call on him for any computer malfunction, which he can almost always fix, and he set up and handles our household shared network. It is so nice to have an IT department at home and work! Thank goodness for those who understand computers and networks!

Today’s infographic from Orsyp details the troubleshooting process for a DNS error. Seasoned IT professionals can probably breeze through this infographic quickly and easily, understanding and relating to every point. The less tech savvy, myself very much included, may need a few good reads before understanding much. Luckily, after said reads, today’s infographic can become a helpful guide to those days when the technology you rely on begins to fail. I suggest giving today’s infographic a thorough read. You might just have a clue next time you are unable to join your company’s network! [Via]