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How To Use Your Cell Phone as a Survival Tool

By | source:Here May 22nd, 2013

Let me first say that I want to be Bear Grylls. The dude is amazingly crafty and knowledgeable about survival. So, in the spirit of Bear, here’s an infographic to keep you alive in the worst conditions.

Under normal circumstances, a working cell phone would be much more useful than a broken cell phone. But, if you’re down to nothing but the bare essentials, breaking your phone might just save your life.

Firstly, you can make your battery combust to create a fire simply by attaching a wire (found from inside your phone) to the positive and negative nodes. Then, I would assume that you would need to quickly catch some grass or leaves to light your campfire because the wire will disintegrate quickly. Other uses include widdling your circuit board or metal back case to make a good cutting or hunting tool. My personal favorite is the LCD screen that can alert a flying plane to your whereabouts. Just throw the peace sign toward your savior plane and hopefully they will pay attention to flashing lights. BAM. Saved.

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