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Vitamin B-12 Deficiency

By | source: May 23rd, 2013

After going full-on vegetarian this year, I’ve seen my body react poorly to the new changes in my diet. I’ve seen more running injuries, (shin splints were never a problem before this year!) and an overall continuous feeling of exhaustion. One day, I developed patches on my tongue and cuts on the corners of my mouth. I put these symptoms aside and blamed them on the new mouth guard I’ve been sleeping with. But after two weeks the cuts never went away, and I started to get annoyed. I consulted Google to see if there were other ways of closing up the stubborn cuts on my mouth. Turns out, the cuts weren’t there because of my new mouth guard, they had developed because I was vitamin B and iron deficient!

The idea of my body reacting so violently scared me, so I went straight to Walgreens to load up on iron and vitamin B pills. One week later, the patches on my tongue cleared, and the cuts on the corners of my mouth closed up! It was frightening to experience the impact my vitamin deficiency was taking on my body. To this day, every morning I load up on  woman’s multi-vitamin, a vitamin B complex, and an iron pill. I’ve seen positive changes in my energy level, and on my body as a whole. So readers, take your vitamins and eat your vegetables. Perhaps the ailments you have been feeling are the cause of a vitamin deficiency!  [via]