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How We Can Stop Trucking Accidents

By | source:BillyJohnsonLaw Oct 14th, 2015

One of the scariest obstacles on any given roadway is driving next to, or behind a massive 18-wheeler. These massive trucks go hurling down the highway with tens-of-tons of cargo and limited visibility. Wrecks occur daily across our nation, and if your accident involves a cargo truck you’re usually not in for just a fender-bender.

Now let’s move onto tackling this problem. The easiest and most effective solution is to use the technology we use today available in luxury vehicles and self-driving cars. These collision avoidance systems enables a car’s computer and digital sight to stop or swerve around immediate obstacles. Human’s are the number one cause of car accidents, we’ve got to admit it, computers just do something better.

The pressure put on truck drivers can be extreme. Quick turn-around deadlines can lead to fatigue and speeding. Although driverless cargo trucks are not too far into the future, we need to address the current driver exhaustion problem sooner than later.