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Here’s How Cars Should Be Driven

By | source:Here Oct 24th, 2017

If anything has dominated the automotive headlines these days, it would be the rise of driverless cars. In 2016 Google’s self driving cars managed 1 billion miles, all by themselves.  

Just about everyone, ranging from automakers to  die-hard enthusiasts, has their own estimates as to when autonomous vehicles will finally hit the streets in mass.  Commuters stuck in ridiculous traffic jams are particularly eager to see this technology become a reality.

The benefits of so called autonomous vehicles extend beyond getting out of jams.   Whether it’s driver safety or driving costs, autonomous cars will create a level of comfort and convenience never seen on our roads.

Auto Loan Solutions, Ontario’s largest car loan company, has crafted today’s infographic which takes a look at how driverless cars will change society for better.

Self driving cars promote safety while saving time, costs, and even parking spots.  Can’t wait?   Check out the tech in the graphic that’s already on the market.