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How We Use What Time We Have

By | source:Here Apr 8th, 2017

Have you ever wondered how you spend the time that you have in this life? With so many tasks and distractions
in our daily lives, time often passes without being accounted for. Today’s infographic breaks down how much of our lives we actually spend on routine items and other life essentials.

Got your timer ticking?  During an average lifespan of 78 years, you will end up sleeping away around 28.3 of those years? That is 1/3 of your entire life! Doing house choirs will rob you of a further 6 years of your life, while making yourself look neat and presentable will consume around 2.5 years. Sounds exhausting just thinking about it.

Eating and drinking will take you a total of about 4 years of your total life, and sitting and doing pretty much nothing (watching TV, playing video games and social networking) is said to consume about 9 years of your life.

It might be pretty hard to account for, but I suspect another few years is taken up by caring for others.  Especially if you have little ones, which is practically a full time job!

That leaves us with roughly 9 years to accomplish our goals, according to Funders and Founders.  While you contemplate that, find inspiration for how to live your life from your favorite childhood entertainers.