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What Would Happen If We Treated Humans The Way We Treat Livestock?

By | source:Here Apr 7th, 2017

With the exception of some cruel people, no one is a fan of animal suffering or violence against animals. But do we facilitate animal cruelty without even realizing it?

The team over at did some research to see what would happen if we treated humans the way we treat animals. I have to admit, some of the results are pretty sobering.

I try to buy makeup that hasn’t been tested on animals, but I’m not always diligent in my shopping. Testing experimental drugs on mice, rats and birds is completely legal, but if you did the same thing to a person, you’d be facing a second-degree felony.

When we compare animal abuse and child abuse, the punishments are more similar in severity. Animal abuse carries up to five years in prison, but child abuse perpetrators can receive up to 30 years in prison and 30 years probation.

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