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How You’ll Get Hurt at Burning Man (or ACL?)

By | source: Oct 7th, 2010

Austin City Limits starts tomorrow. Who are you excited to see? I’m pumped for a few acts, The Morning Benders are possibly my most anticipated show. Their CD Big Echo is amazing. If you haven’t heard them, go look them up before you hit the fest.

The weather this year will be the best ever. As my seventh year in attendance, I remember well the hot hot days of ACL in September. No rain on the forecast, so we wont be knee-deep in Austin’s Dillo Dirt. ACL was defiantly number two in the nation last year. The humidity, rain, and heat sucked on the last day of the fest. I even left my shoes at ACL. There was no hope of recovery.

Now, I’ve been to quite a few fests. I have a list of the 10 essential-non-essential items I’d love to share.
1 ) Bubbles – Bubbles are a must have. Who hates bubbles? No one.
2 ) Glow Sticks – We brought 3000 to Ghostland during last year’s ACL. Always fun.
3 ) Frisbee – The grass will be perfect for bare-foot frisbeeing.
4 ) Jacket – You may need it if you’re staying late.
5 ) Umbrella – For the rain or the sun. For a cane or when you’re on the run.
6 ) CamelBak – Fill it with water….or something else.
7 ) Fanny Pack – For when you’re wanting to look cool and not wear a back pack.
8 ) Water Gun/Water Balloons – It’s a festival, peeps wont care if you get them wet.
9 ) Plastic Baggies – Always have these, always keep your phone in it. Beer, rain, water, and other liquids will find their way to your phone.
10) Bandanna – Back in the dust bowl days of ACL it was essential, now it just looks cool.

The festival has changed a lot. Too many Westlake middle schoolers show up now. I guess comparing a music fest to Burning Man isn’t very fair. Burning man is at least 5 times as crazy as ACL. Still, it’s no place for pre-teens.

Well concert-goers, be safe, drink water, dance and make it home… or at least make it out of Zilker alive. [Via]