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Inventions You Couldn’t Live Without

By | source:Here Mar 24th, 2021

Never before has life been as easy as it is today. Most of us take our mod-cons for granted, never thinking of what life would be without them. All of the things that make modern-day life so much more comfortable have been created by people who had a bright idea and never gave up until they had fulfilled their dream. This infographic gives us a little insight into the men and women behind some of the inventions that changed the world.

What would life be like without electricity? It was a long time coming, each new idea built upon another. The electric lightbulb was first patented by Thomas Edison in 1878. It has been called the most important discovery since fire. Its discovery has allowed us to extend our day into the night and it powers a multitude of electrical appliances. All in all, it took several innovators more than 150 years to get us to a continuous light source.

Modern-day travel and communications have helped mankind to shorten distances and globalize economies. Less than two hundred years ago, the news would travel via post on ships or in a horse carriage. It would take weeks, or even months, for people across the world to find out about the happenings in other cities across the world.

Today, we travel by car or plane and most people have spent at least some time in another country.

News of every type, fake news included, flies across the globe in a matter of seconds from computer to tablet and smartphone via the internet. For this, we have a group of innovative thinkers to thank.