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11 Incredible Programming Languages For Beginners

By | source:Here Nov 6th, 2018

Coding is a lucrative skill for a successful career, but where do you start? Here’s the ultimate checklist to decide which programming language you should learn first.

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A lot of in-demand jobs also require the applicant to know –and probably master- at least one coding language. But where can you start? There are several options, from lesser-known programming languages, like C#, to the big players, like Java.

Did you know that the programming language used for the Kindle was created in 1972? Or that Instagram, YouTube, and Spotify use Python? PhP is the code behind Facebook and WordPress, while Hulu and Groupon use Ruby. Each programming language has pros and cons, so plan your direction and pick one to learn.

If you master a programming language, then you can handle large amounts of data, design websites, or even develop apps.

Learning to code could also be the start of a very successful side business, one that could evolve into a full-time job. The high-demand of programming jobs can open a whole market of offers, and even more opportunities if you consider doing freelance work.

With 11 incredible programming languages to choose from and a rising worker demand, it’s a great time to learn a programming language.