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Feel More Inspired At Work By Changing Up Your Office

By | source:Here Apr 13th, 2018

Already ready for the weekend? If you don’t feel passionate about your job, you’re in good company — it can happen when you get bored or tired of the work you’re doing. 

But if you aren’t ready to leave yet, you can make changes to your workspace to feel more inspired while at work. More companies are hiring designers who decorate offices with colors and furniture that cheers up employees. Other employers are taking bold new steps in workplace design, with shipping container offices and other unique spaces. We all know we’re more productive when we’re feeling relaxed and at peace with our environment.

Take a look at today’s infographic and see what you can do to transform your workplace into a creative, inspiring place. For example, some simple pops of color on the walls could turn your mood around. And if you’re stuck in a cubicle and your office has a lounge or break room, use it! It’s been scientifically proven that taking short breaks in the middle of the workday increases productivity.

Small details like adding a couple of pots with cute plants and flowers and making sure your workplace is quiet enough to concentrate can also make your day more enjoyable. Some changes might not be possible without your employer’s consent, but look at it this way: You have some suggestions the next time you’re asked for your opinion!