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Internet Usage Predictions

By | source: Feb 2nd, 2012

I could probably make a generalized statement about this infographic before reading it: internet usage is going up this year. It’s pretty clear that more people have access to computers and the internet is becoming a vital tool to every industry. But exactly how much more the internet is going to blow up is unknown. This infographic states overall internet usage will go up 3% this year, which is a considerable amount considering the massive size of the internet. Who knows, maybe Al Gore will make a breakthrough addition to the internet that boosts usage by 10%?

I personally use the internet almost every hour, checking e-mail and facebook messages to stay on top of school. All of my class documents are located on the internet, and most teachers no longer bring any printouts to class. This is already a significant change from 5 years ago, so it’s not hard to argue the internet is expanding its empire. The internet is so far integrated into our lives, I almost run into people walking on the street who are sucked into the internet on their smart phones. There is now internet on airplanes…the one place I thought was a getaway from the cyber world. Did you know that online bingo is a 1.3 billion dollar industry? I didn’t. [Via]