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Is Print Dead?

By | source: Aug 31st, 2010

I read a lot of books. How much I read slowed down in my later high school years and freshman year of college, but I’m ready to get back to it. I’m taking a World Literature class which is forcing me to get back to textual understanding.

Almost all of my classes are big on reading this semester. I’m pretty excited — even my Business Law book is quite interesting. I don’t think I could be a lawyer, too much stress and too many lies. I would, just once, like to represent someone and prove their innocence – if they were innocent of course. I’d feel like I had contributed to society by not making a mistake. Also, just wearing a suit to work everyday would make me fell classy. I bet I’d get tired of the uptight-businessy atmosphere at a law firm though. That, and dealing with criminals and corruption all day long. How depressing, but not as depressed as I would be studying for the Bar exam for a few years.

Now that I think being an attorney is out of my future I better start thinking about other things to do. My B-Law professor isn’t only a lawyer. Besides also being a pilot, speaking Italian and a few other things such as playing the accordion, and jumping horses, she also likes to hop on the trapeze. My resume will never be that bad-ass. If it ever is, one of y’all need to give me a reality check and tell me to slow down. She’s quite the over-achiever. [Via]