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Is Your Grandma on the ‘Gram?

By | source:Here Nov 22nd, 2018

Have your parents or grandparents friended you on social media yet? With internet use by seniors on the rise, today’s older generation is more connected than ever before. 

Baby boomers have taken to the web for more than just writing comments on a grandkid’s not-so-sweet picture from that party last weekend (awkward). This infographic compiles the findings of recent studies about seniors and their internet habits.

78% of seniors use the internet to research personal interests, 60% use it to stay up-to-date on politics, and 33% trust the internet for their news. Thankfully, there are more ways than ever to avoid the fake news

In addition to news, seniors are using the internet to communicate with their families and social circles, learn about healthcare, watch videos, and play games so they can stay sharp. 44% of senior internet users are using social networking sites, and 26% use Skype and FaceTime. Speaking of FaceTime, 16% of 50-64-year-olds are using a smartphone compared to 10% of people 65 years of age and older.

The infographic also goes into detail about what kind of phones our senior citizen friends use. After all, we all have that one granddad or great-aunt who refuses to upgrade from the flip phone. (There’s nothing wrong with a flip phone that works, am I right?!) The study showed that 95% of seniors who are 65-69 have a cell phone, whereas 59% of people in that age bracket use a smartphone.

Whether you’re using your cell phone for work, entertainment, or in some (eh-hem) unconventional places, just know the chances of running across your grandma on the gram are increasing.