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4 Tips You Need To Know Before Kayaking

By | source:Here Oct 7th, 2020

Kayaking is a great summertime activity the whole family can enjoy, whether you go for relaxation or for a workout. You can go with as many people as you want, or by yourself. As fun as it is, you should always remember safety when you’re doing anything on the water.

The first rule on the guide is to be familiar with the gear you will be using. Know what each thing does and make sure you have the correct items. This could mean knowing how to use the paddles, making sure you have the right size life vest, or familiarizing yourself with any GPS tech if you plan on going out in new waters.

Next, it is always recommended to check the forecast before you go. No one wants to get out on the water to be caught in a thunderstorm minutes later. Not only is this unpleasant, but it could put you in danger because of lightening and impaired vision due to rain.

One of the other important rules is to know the rules of the “road”. Just like with driving or riding a bike, you need to know specific courtesy rules and signals specific to the water that indicate distress or other things you may need.