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Know Your Toilet

By | source: Sep 13th, 2013

This is the story of me and a toilet. I traveled to Sri Lanka in December 2012. We had a layover in Dubai. First thing anyone does when they get off of a plane is use the bathroom, so of course my friend, Sydney and I headed to the nearest ladies room. I walk into the stall and see my first squat toilet. â??Okay Lena, youâ??re in another country youâ??ll just have to get over it and indulge yourself in this culture, what other choice do you have?â? I told myself. So I very successfully used the toilet and continued out of the restroom and into the main terminal. Whenever Sydney met back up with me I asked her about the toilets and she looked at me with a puzzled face and mumbled â??It was just a toilet, it wasnâ??t anything specialâ? to which I angrily replied â??Donâ??t try and act like you see one of those every day!â? Well, as it turns out I walked into the only squat toilet in the Dubai airport; all others were sit-down style.

The western world should switch to squatting. It is healthier, and the facilities are cheaper. But on the same subject Space toilet cost $19 Million! Who knew?