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Learn From The Schedules Of 20 Famous Creatives

By | source:Here Jul 31st, 2017

What does a normal week look like for you? Sleep, eat, work, repeat? I live a pretty mundane life, so there’s usually little to brag about.

I’m feeling inspired to spend my time more wisely after looking at this graphic, which examines how 20 of the world’s most famous creatives made the best of 24 hours.

French novelist Balzac was asleep by 6 p.m. and up by 1 a.m. –– then he started on creative work. That seems to be one thing these talented men and women all have in common. They definitely aren’t sleeping the day away.

Only about half of the icons listed spent any time exercising, which makes me feel better about my gym habits. An impressive amount of time is dedicated to food and leisure across the board (with the exception of Sigmund Freud).

Several of these creatives are lucky enough to not have day jobs or administrative work, but those who do managed to break it up across the day.

You may be feeling both inspired and discouraged after realizing how much time you might be wasting. That’s why we have a guide to becoming a more productive person.